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All Brains Belong Featured on “Uniquely Human: The Podcast”

Dr. Mel Houser, Executive Director of All Brains Belong, was interviewed on Uniquely Human: The Podcast.

Show Notes (8/5/2022):

For many years, parents of autistic children and family members, and autistic people themselves have expressed concerns about how they have been misunderstood, and even mistreated by medical professionals and the traditional medical systems they work within. Dr. Mel Houser has experienced this personally as a physician trained in the medical establishment, as a late diagnosed autistic person, and as a mother of an autistic child. She discusses the need for change and the changes she is actually implementing in her medical practice.

Dr. Mel Houser, feminine presenting with dark short hair and a teal shirt, smiling. Yellow background. Multicolored letters read Uniquely Human: The Podcast. Episode 57. Family Medical Practice for Neurodivergent and Neurotypical People: A Discussion with Autistic Physician Dr. Mel Houser
Dr. Mel Houser tells The Story of ABB on Uniquely Human: The Podcast