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Everything is Connected to Everything: Improving Healthcare for Autistic & ADHD Adults – For Patients

Autistic and/or ADHD adults often have a grouping of medical problems in many body systems. For many people, these medical conditions are related to one another.

You may have always felt that your medical conditions are related. The complexity of these intertwined symptoms can be hard to talk about during short medical appointments. Yet by treating these medical conditions as separate, this may result in a person not getting better. It may be helpful to think about these medical conditions as one whole. This may result in more improvements.

If you have multiple categories of medical problems described in this project, this project may apply to you.

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To help you invite discussion with your clinician about this project, we created a one-page letter for you to bring to your next medical appointment.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you think this project may apply to you, bring this letter to your primary care clinician.

OPTIONAL: We also have resources if you are interested in learning more about the pattern of intertwined medical conditions. Please choose from the following options:

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