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Shifting the Autism Narrative: A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to the Impact of Stigma on Health (April 2022)

Autistic people have an average life expectancy of age 36-54 years, with leading causes of death being premature cardiovascular disease and suicide. Extensive research shows that autistic people are dissatisfied with their healthcare, experience significant barriers in accessing care, and feel marginalized and stigmatized by the healthcare system.

This recorded webinar (given live on April 12, 2022) by autistic physician Melissa Houser, M.D., Founder and Executive Director of All Brains Belong VT, takes a closer look at barriers to healthcare access, hidden contributors to stigma, and very simple things that healthcare providers and community allies can do to improve the health of autistic patients.

Let’s travel together on the journey of unlearning outdated concepts toward the pursuit of inclusive, comprehensive care for autistic children (and the autistic adults we become). Participants will leave with concrete strategies for being more inclusive of autistic patients (and everyone else who learns, thinks, or communicates differently from one’s self). 

Shifting the Autism Narrative: A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to the Impact of Stigma on Health

Webinar presented by Melissa Houser, M.D., Founder & Executive Director, All Brains Belong VT, autistic family physician caring for autistic patients across the lifespan

Excerpt from a 2022 healthcare expert’s evaluation (shared with family permission) based on 1900s concepts

Anyone who cares about autistic people. This includes healthcare professionals, educators, families, and the broader community. Content warning: Premature death, suicide, stigma, trauma, health inequity, exclusion

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This webinar was given at no cost to 100+ people. As as startup nonprofit, we appreciate donations. All donations are tax-deductible, and support All Brains Belong’s free, neuroinclusive virtual community programs for kids and adults.

All Brains Belong VT, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) healthcare organize in Montpelier VT founded by an autistic physician. All Brains Belong uses inclusive design principles to provide primary care, community-building, and neurodiversity-affirming education.