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Neurodiversity Training

Training & Consultations

Understanding the ways that people think, learn and communicate benefits everyone. We offer a range of virtual TRAININGS & EDUCATIONAL CONSULTATIONS to organizations and individuals looking to improve their practices of inclusion.

100% of fees for educational programs go toward ABB’s employment support program for patients with disabilities.

 I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve learned in this short time about neurodivergence and how to promote inclusivity and equality for all.

Participant from ABB’s Neurodiversity & Inclusion training

Ongoing Free Educational Programs

Autoimmune Health “All the Things” Project

ABB has an interdisciplinary group of clinicians & community members discussing autoimmune health challenges commonly experienced by neurodivergent patients, i.e., hypermobility, mast cell activation, dysautonomia, and more. Learn more by watching this video recording from a past “All the Things” ...

Brain Club: Virtual Weekly Community Conversation Series – Tuesdays 6PM ET

Join us for a weekly community conversation about “everyday brain life” topics. The Key to the Universe is to develop awareness of our own brains and the brains of other people. When we unlock this, we can create a more ...

Featured Previous Webinars (Free Recordings)

The Impact of Stigma on Autistic Health (4/11/2023)

Autistic people have an average life expectancy of age 36-54 years, with leading causes of death being premature cardiovascular disease and suicide. Extensive research shows that autistic people are dissatisfied with their healthcare, experience significant barriers in accessing care, and ...

Neuroinclusive Employment Education

At a time when employee burnout is at an all-time high, we have an epidemic of “quiet quitting,” and employers are struggling to fill open positions, the “defaults” of employment are clearly not working for all brains. Here’s what All ...

Family Lunch & Learn Series

In 2022, All Brains Belong hosted a virtual educational webinar series to learn and connect with like-minded families. Archived recordings are available at no cost. Together, we unlearn and reimagine. Click here for 2022 F L&L recordings ...