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Implementing Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative Proactive Solutions (CPS) Model at Home (Sara Wilkins)

Previously recorded from 6/30/22 All Brains Belong Youth & Family Lunch & Learn Series, presentation by Sara Wilkins, ABB’s Community Programs Coordinator and Lives in the Balance’s lead advocator for the state of Vermont

Are you trying to create an intentional family culture where your children feel empowered and you work TOGETHER to handle problems before you’re in the heat of the moment?  Through the Collaborative Proactive Solutions (CPS) Model, and looking at the work of Dr. Ross Greene, we will examine how any concerning behaviors that arise in a family are simply telling us that there are expectations that the children (or caregivers!) are having difficulty meeting.  We will discuss how to shift our lens to one of lagging skills and unsolved problems and move towards collaboratively solving problems in a way that benefits both caregivers AND kids.