About All Brains Belong


All Brains Belong is reimagining a community without silos. We’re building a world where healthcare, education, employment, and community can all be achieved in a way for people with all types of brains can thrive. Come join our team!

Resource Coordinator

We are looking for a full-time (approximately 40 hours per week) Resource Coordinator. The person in this position will serve as our patients’ external executive function accommodation. Because we live in a world that is often not accessible to people who learn, think, or communicate differently than the so-called “typical” brain, many of our patients struggle to access many essential, meaningful aspects of society. This role is being newly created specifically to offload our patients’ burdens of navigating complex, often inaccessible and extremely dysfunctional systems. Click here to learn more.

Team members posing at Montpelier Pride 2022 at our "what does inclusion mean to you?" community vision board. The board is black with aqua, pink and yellow post-it notes in different shapes. Mel is wearing a tan hat and white N95, Sierra is wearing an eggplant floral dress and white mask. Clem is wearing an orange shirt. They are all smiling.
ABB team members posing at our community vision board: What does inclusion mean to you?