About All Brains Belong

We All Have Different Brains: Intro to Neurodiversity

1 in 5 people thinks, learns, and communicates differently than the so-called “typical” brain. This is why learning about the wide range of way that brains do things is so important for building healthy relationships and inclusive communities. Join Dr. Mel Houser, family physician and Executive Director of All Brains Belong VT, to learn about the “neurodiversity paradigm” and a framework for understanding the different ways our brains take in, process, organize, and use information. We will also discuss best practices for community inclusion – in healthcare, in families, and in the rest of life.

This presentation was delivered as a hybrid event on 5/25/22 at Montpelier Senior Center and virtually. The recording is available by donation.

Older adult holds iPhone up in front of their face, in position for video chatting. They wear a teal striped collared shirt and black vest. They are looking down at the screen.
We all learn, think, and communicate differently.