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Neuroinclusive Healthcare (Mel Houser MD)

Recording from 9/14/2022 episode of Brain Club, featuring a one-way livestream of Mel Houser MD’s presentation for the Central Vermont Medical Center medical staff. Many thanks to CVMC for allowing the community to view the presentation, as well as to our partners at Orca Media for this technological grand feat! Presentation starts at minute 21:30 of this recording.

1 in 5 people think, learn, and communicate differently than the so-called “typical” brain. Yet, current efforts toward enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in many organizations do not include neurodiversity and disability. What does it mean for healthcare providers to be neuro-inclusive?  We will discuss barriers to healthcare access for neurodivergent patients, as well as specific, actionable steps to improve the accessibility and neuro-inclusiveness of healthcare.