About All Brains Belong

Stuffies Night: A Virtual Meet n’Greet (All Ages)

We’re having a virtual party, and all Stuffies are invited.

Join us (via Zoom) with your favorite stuffies (and a snack / pre-dinner appetizer). FREE for all participants.

Stuffies are invited to participate by watching, showing, taking turns chatting with one another, or doing their Stuffie Thing side by side. Because there’s no right way to be a stuffie.

Check out the preview videos and event schedule to get a sense for what this might look like.

It might not look EXACTLY like this! You can look out for what’s the same and what’s different.

Three stuffed animals - fuschia and white kitten, blue and cream whale, white dolphin. They look soft and cute.
Purple kitten, blue whale, white dolphin – all stuffies belong.
stuffies visual
Sample Event Schedule

Thank you to everyone who attended our past Stuffies Nights! These events brought us all so much joy and gratitude. Young children “get it” that all brains and all people belong. Modeling inclusive design early = Key to the Universe.

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