About All Brains Belong

It Takes A Village

In April 2022, a group from All Brains Belong VT’s Community Advisory Council members created the “It Takes a Village Fund,” a donation-based scholarship to support ABB’s patients experiencing challenges keeping up with medical bills. Click here to learn more and contribute to this effort.

“I want to make sure people keep reaching out to get their needs met, without guilt and shame. I would love to set a precedent of this community supporting itself and taking care of one another.” – ABB Advisory Council member

All Brains Belong VT provides neuroinclusive healthcare for patients of all ages (birth through older adults) with all types of brains. We participate with Medicaid, Medicare, most local insurance plans, and have a sliding scale for folks not eligible for insurance. However, having insurance does NOT mean people can afford healthcare. Deductibles and copayments are a common barrier to seeking care.

To address this problem, members of our Community Advisory Council requested that we create our “It Takes A Village” Program. This community-based donation program helps support All Brains Belong’s patients with unpaid medical bills. 

Two hands of community partnership come together, one pair gloved with cream-colored garden gloves with blue dots and one pair ungloved. The gardener is sharing a brown wooden bowl full of red cherry tomatoes. There is one unripe green tomato smaller than the rest.
Building a community that takes care of itself.